2017 Year of Major Cataclysms – Wars, Hurricanes, Flooding, EQ’s, Wildfires, Planet X, Whats Next?


2017 Year of Major Cataclysms – Wars, Hurricanes, Flooding, Earthquakes, Wildfires, Ozone Depletion, X Class Flares

North Korea Says War with U.S. Inevitable, Testing Nuclear Weapons in the Pacific, Latest

Earthquake Sparks Fears of Another Nuclear Test Near North Korea Testing Site

Houston, Boston and other large Cities are being smothered in highly toxic mosquito repellent called NALED, which has been outlawed in many countries and its being dispersed via aerosol injections of low flying airplanes.

Do you have Solar Power, were you forced to connect to the Grid? State of Florida and other’s have made it illegal to be off grid with Solar Panels, which means if you have solar panels you have to connect them to the grid and sell your unused energy for a 1/4 to 1/2 of what the company sells it for.

They can also put a lock on your equipment, so you can’t use it and they dont have to warn you when they do so.
Many people without power in Florida are not allowed to use their own equipment to power their homes.

Many states make it illegal to collect rainwater

More laws, rules and regulations in the Unites States land of the debris home of the slave

With that said, micro communities are the way to go in my opinion, especially when they are in remote areas either off the grid completely or partially.

Three Major Earthquakes in Mexico over the past few weeks

Uncontrollable Wildfires in the Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and California

One of the largest Atlantic Hurricanes on record the month of September 2017

Massive Flooding in Houston and many small towns on the Gulf Coast got Devastated by the Vicious Winds and flooding.

Entire Island of Puerto Rico, without power , over 3 million people situated on a very small piece of land, based on occupancy

Entire Islands have been evacuated and annihilated from the recent hurricanes and become ghost towns / lands overnight

Hanford Nuclear Site in Washington and other Reactors around the country have continually had problems, leaks and hazardous situations over the years. Many of these power plants are located in densely populated areas, close to the Ocean, or situated dangerously close to fault lines also.

2017 Has certainly been the year of Opportunities out of Chaos and Today being September 23rd, we are still here thank goodness!

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