Activating the 3rd Eye & The Burning Man Vortex – Ayahuasca & DMT – Zen Athlete Matt Belair


Rountable discussion with myself, Jay Campbell from – also Decoders of Truth and Matt Belair from

Mr Matthew Belair is a World Class Athlete aka Zen Athlete that works with some of the best competitors from a wide array of sports around the globe.
He has been meditating and practicing clearing his mind for years and offers a very cool, non judgmental approach to raising ones enlightenment.
Self Hypnosis and Visualization techniques gives Matt and many others the Edge in competitive sports.
Matt also shares many personal experiences of his journeys, from a Vortex at Burning Man to seeing different levels of consciousness when activating his 3rd eye on Ayahuasca.
Check out his website and meditation programs @