4,000-Year-Old Temple With Monolith Resurfaces in Cyprus

A mysterious monolith adorned with a circular motif of cups in the center has surfaced in Cyprus, shedding light on an ancient artisan community from 4,000 years ago. The space contains the remains of what is now recognized as the oldest sacred site on the island, sparking significant interest in the scientific community.

Unveiling the Oldest Sacred Building in Cyprus

The Italian Erimi Archaeological Project, led by Professor Luca Bombardieri from the University of Siena, in collaboration with the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus, has been instrumental in this groundbreaking discovery. Over the past fifteen years, Bombardieri and his team have conducted systematic investigations in the Erimi area, revealing a wealth of information about the Bronze Age community that once thrived there, with the complex including contained dyeing vats, warehouses, and workshops, evidence of a textile industry that thrived there.

Recently, the team made a standout discovery in the western wing of the artisan complex: a room containing a large, smooth monolith approximately 2.30 meters (7.55 feet) high, with a circular motif of small cups in the center.

“The monolith, which originally stood in the center of the room, collapsed onto the floor and destroyed a large amphora placed at its feet in front of a small circular hearth,” Bombardieri explained.

“The interior space of this room was thus free to circulate around the monolith, the amphora, and the hearth that occupied the central part. The peculiarities of this…

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