Ancient “Hieroglyphs” Discovered In Ukrainian Caves

A Ukrainian explorer followed his grandmother’s clues and discovered a lost cave system in the middle of Kyiv. Professors are “amazed” that such a treasure was hidden in plain sight for thousands of years.

The cave system is located at Voznesenskyi Descent in Kyiv, Ukraine. Dmytro Perov, a conservationist at the Center for Urban Development in Kyiv reported on Radio Kultura that the caves were found beside a dismantled house that Kyiv housing authorities had deemed as unsafe for inhabitation.

A report in Suspline says that in August this year Perov learned that the Kyiv City Council were drawing up plans to develop this area. His attention was drawn to a particular house address: Voznesenskyi Uzviz, 25, in which his great-great-grandmother Daria Volosova used to live at the beginning of the 20th century, at which time it was a three-story family manor.

An Amazing Lost Treasure

A report in Rubryka says Perov’s Grandmother used to speak about a big stone house next to an ancient cave, but no one knew where it was located. Perov told Radio Kultura that he had examined the area several times in the past and that only the front facia of the house remained, hidden in bushes.

The conservationist told reporters that he decided to team up with his friends to go to the old house “on a small expedition to look for caves” and they identified an entrance. Last Saturday, Perov and a team of researchers from the Institute of Archaeology conducted the first archaeological explorations in the…

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