Breaking – 99.993% Chance of Giant Planet in the Solar System – Caltech – New Documents


Breaking news and data, hot off the press. Some of the top mins concur = There is a 99.993% chance of a Giant Planetary Body in our solar system. Here is the document to verify. Thank you Jason for your contribution and Special Thanks to the California Institute of Technology , Michael Brown , Konstantin Batygen & All that have participated.

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    Here we have a chicken and egg story. The cited papers provide a cover-your-ass scientific wrapping to explain the clustered objects (one large and seven smaller, aka, the Nibiru system) first captured by JPL’s CHIMERA (quite the ironic name, no?) several months ago. Easier to work out the math when you know the objects are there:

    JPL News: Versatile Instrument to Scout for Kuiper Belt Objects (03/03/2016)

    “At the Palomar Observatory near San Diego, astronomers are busy tinkering with a high-tech instrument that could discover a variety of objects both far from Earth and closer to home.

    “The Caltech HIgh-speed Multi-color camERA (CHIMERA) system is looking for objects in the Kuiper Belt, the band of icy bodies beyond the orbit of Neptune that includes Pluto. It can also detect near-Earth asteroids and exotic forms of stars. Scientists at Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory are collaborating on this instrument.”

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      Could be the Borg? =)

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        Have you seen the pics by amateur astronomers of the striped, mechanical-looking orb? Some believe it an incoming moon of the Nibiru system. It has what looks like a huge, impact crater on its face.

        I saw a Nibiru video last week, thought it would be the usual fare, which most of it was, but there was a snippet that was incredible. — I kick myself for not book-marking it.

        The scene was of a moonlit night, could make out a mountain range in the distance, stars above it. One speck of a star starts swirling, leaving an ever expanding circular trail of white smoke or steam, the effect is like of one of those old spinning plates used for hypnosis. As the circles expand, they grow so large only the top halves can now be seen of the bigger ones as their bottom halves are behind the mountains. It now looks like a huge white rainbow filled in with smaller ones.

        All the rainbows then diffuse into a white, almost translucent mist, but the outside border still retains the rainbow shape. The mist then evaporates, leaving the appearance of a huge hole opened in the sky.

        The striped mechanical orb is seen maneuvering within the hole, as if to fit its impact crater to it. The impact crater appears more an open bank vault door, something big enough to allow earth passage into it or through it.

        Perhaps it’s a device devised by principalities warring in our favor, which will provide protection against the incoming storm.

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    We will not know the absolute truth to this subject til it is too late, if it is real and after 2 years of making up my own mind and research, as far as it doesn’t go way over my head, I believe it is real. I did not want to believe it.

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      Even if it is Real. IMO life will thrive!

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      UM, caltech just basically said it’s true. What more do you need? The Tyrannical all loving Government to tell you?