Adam Apollo – The Origin of Jedi – Achieve Superhuman Consciousness

  • Where did the term Jedi originate from?
  • How to create an energy ball, tune it to different vibrations and project it across a room?
  • How to Identify your life path.
  • Princeton engineering anomaly institute .
  • Plants are smarter than you might think, learn to play songs and move via remote control.
  • Initiations and levels of archetype. The warrior, weaver, wizard, healer, ambassador, star walker
  • Achieve central pillar of awareness via chakra alignment heghtening sixth sense.
  • Methods of becoming a better communicator and public speaker.
  • Did George Lucas make up the Jedi, or is there more to the mystical SuperHuman Archetype .
  • Quick excersie of concentrated chi, that can help prove to skeptics and others how effective and real, mind over matter actually is.
  • Transferring Consciousness, Tap into the minds of others & Animals
    OBE’s and Communicating with Astral Entities
  • Personal Testimony of Apollo seeing a Starship at the age of 7
    Description of Quantum Physics Vacuum .
  • Adam had Spiritual Communication with 73 Ambassadors from around the Galaxy during an OBE.
  • What is the Reptilian Agenda?
  • What are the Draco?
  • Human History and our Origins?
  • Artificial Intelligence vs Organic Intelligence.
  • Transhmuman Movement.
  • Chemtrails.
  • More….

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