Ancient Cuneiform Tablet Flips Modern Science, Religion & Astronomy Upside Down, Forbidden Knowledge

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Forbidden Astronomy: Uranus is An Ancient Star & So Is Saturn, Suppressed Astro-Theology. Looking at Ancient Sumerian and Babylonian Cuneiform Tablets that predate the Bible we are able to connect many of the dots modern science is either missing or completely misrepresenting. The next question is how did a Civilization from 6,000 Years ago and before them, over 12,000 Years ago have the technology to observe the Stars in Heaven if what most have been taught in School is correct. Lets go on a Journey here and read the incredible Story of Inanna and An. An is the progenitor father of the Anunnaki, An Governs Uranus and is also the Consort of Gaia. What does that mean in Astrotheological terms? Lets talk about it.

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