Astronomer & Nibiru Debunker “Dazza the Camera Man” Member, Guest Request – Joins Us

Podcast with “Dazza the Camera Man”

Dazza the Camera Man is an Amateur Astronomer and also a guest that has been requested by several Leak Project Members to be interviewed about Nibiru. David feels Planet X & Nibiru is a fairy tale essentially and he gives his reasons and data as to why.

First off, i just want to say before we get started i am neutral on the Subject of Planet X – I do feel there is enough evidence out there to offer a strong debate there are other Planets outside the kuiper belt. Several Articles from multiple sources including NASA even states they have discovered over 1000 new planets and this is growing daily.

We even have Astronomers from Caltech and other Prestigious universities describing Earth Changes and Solar Changes caused by a giant Planetary body on the outskirts of our solar system.

So certainly that is a possibility. And with that said, i am neutral even somewhat skeptical about many claims discussed in regard to Nibiru and the Nemesis, doesn’t mean i don’t believe or i do and it doesn’t matter either way. This information is for the audience to decide and take what resonates with them to the bank. I will not disrespect anyone or call someone a liar and feel most people do have genuine intentions at heart. I also have my opinions and things that im passionate about and ask that anyone that watches this podcast keep the name calling and insults of others to themselves.

constructive criticism is healthy, strong and encouraged , however insults and personal attacks will not be tolerated because they offer nothing of substance or benefit. There are people out there in the world today behind the scenes that are far more deceiving and conniving than most YouTubers In My Opinion. Now with that said, i do not like to be tricked or fooled and you shouldn’t either and the truth is out there. The Leak Project was created to offer news and awareness not found in the main stream media and even more important “GET THE TRUTH & make it known!!”

If someone comes out with a video or a photograph and truly feels what they are looking at is genuine , later to find out it is not real, but some other explainable anomaly, that doesn’t make them liars or tricksters. i give serious props and have great respect for those willing to put themselves on the line by offering the time and commitment to show or search for such evidence. It takes a lot of guts and I’ve spent years being ostracized from my own family because of similar research in other fringe realms.

Key is learning from our mistakes and not getting lost in the nonsense. Listen, have an open mind , yet not so open it allows an entire armada of speculation and falsities to blanket the truth.

Whether you believe in Planet X, Nibiru or not – After this presentation with David from Dazza Ge from NZ you will have a better understanding of Astronomy and our Solar System.
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