Clandestine Control Grid, Obelisks of the Apocalypse & Halls of Amenti, Ra Castaldo

Is there a dark force that has taken over the planetary grids ancient megaliths? If so, how and what does it mean for you and the world? Ultimate Battery Pack, Powered By the Sun, Plug Your Cell Phone Into it, Click Here! Get 15% OFF W/ Promo Code Leak Project 15

*This is a paid sponsorship by Patriot Solar Bank Ra Castaldo is a well educated mystic that has been studying the occult arts for years. His lineage gives him an insiders edge when it comes to many of the mysteries intentionally kept from the public. Mr Castaldo claims there is a dark force that has taken over the Earth Grid and is projecting energy through the ancient megaliths and obelisks for nefarious purposes. Join in on the discussion. Ra Castaldo

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