Dark Side of the Troubled Teen Industry, Testimony of Trauma Victim

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Podcast Comments

  1. Love your videos Rex. My empathy runs high for that younger man. So sad what many have endured and are now coming out with their experience. Makes this older man lol swell with pride knowing there are people as yourself and dear friend Douglas D. I’ve spent hours watching your interviews. Just my opinion, so as not to piss anyone of, which is quite easy these days lol, the best on Screw Tube, or i wouldn’t have joined lol.. Kind of through me for a moment , talking about raising frequencies. Being in a fight for my life for over a year now the meditation and tones has help me raise above those depression frequencies. Other than that it was really interesting, and he did come around to explaining that he does agree lol. Very sad, but I
    am proud of his courage. Love and Peace.

    1. Thank you for being here and i appreciate the comment. Good luck on your path and healing! Good vibes and thoughts help. Be well!

      1. Can’t get access to Screw Tube for some reason. Even having to download to view what I’ve viewed lol. Finding some not available. Being non tech, maybe it’s something with this PC, but damn was really looking forward to downloading Douglas lol. Have shared several videos to FB. Your personality and openness of mind make watching fun and educating, and spiritual. Love that, it attract the people who are seeking knowlegewanting to, Leak Project. Being a
        father and grandfather it’s nice to know there’s someone sharing real information comfortable or not! Would recommended everyone who can to join, at least for a yr. If it cost a nickel to shit, I’d have to puke lol, seriously lol., but I did. Thank you Rex. That’s my shameless advertisement lol. Love and peace brother always

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