The Destroyer Cycle Confirmed – Nibiru Orbit, Sitchin & Ferrada Analyzed Occult Physics

Keith Hunter from joins us and for almost 3 hours covering a plethora of Information.

This could be one of the most detailed and scientific Theories I’ve heard yet on the subject of Cataclysmic Doom Cycles or Scenarios and is definitely unique from anything I’ve heard before. This is an Exclusive and absolutely cutting edge information that has not been shared with any other platform or media program. At least that i have found.
Mr Hunter breaks down dates, cycles, charts, graphs, mathematical data points, in a very detailed, easy to understand, fluid manner.

As Above, So Below – Playing the Cosmic Game of Life, Earth the Universal Stage of polarities.

Keith says he has configured a Cycle that predicts certain dates and cataclysms to near perfection and what causes these events to occur. Is it Nibiru ? Planet X, The Nemesis, the Red Kachina or Dark Star?

  • Is it Aliens, CERN or a nefarious dark cabal that causes these events to unfold, or is it God the Almighty?
  • US Naval Calendar Cycles
  • Pistis Sophia
  • Nag Hammadi Treatise
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Book of Enoch
  • The Kobrin
  • Cosmic Winter essay
  • Prophecies of the Mayan, Aztecs, Egyptians and Various Native Cultures of the World
  • High End Astronomy Software
  • Controlled Remote Viewing Experiments performed “Double-Blind” Studies
  • Detailed Analysis of Zecharia Sitchin, Ferrada and other Astronomers hypothesis on Nibiru and the 3600 year cycle

Is all combined to configure Mr Hunters Thesis

Keith says he has absolutely without a shadow of a doubt confirmed the day of the lord referred to in the Holy Bible

Also the date of the Great Flood

Primary Interval 4497 years = Sidereal Year / Mars Mercury Venus / Triple Conjunction within timeframe = same pattern of destruction within these time cycles which could correspond dates of disaster

Could the figures in the Holy Bible and other Ancient Scriptures actually be referring to the Stars, Planets and Heavenly bodies in space? Could Jesus, the Son of God be an analogy for the Sun of our Solar System?
Are the events in Revelation actually positions of the Planets and Stars?
If so what does it mean for us here on Planet Earth?
Check out Mr Hunters analysis @

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Podcast Comments

  1. Always enjoy your shows Rex. Looking at the picture of the conjunction at those four dates, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the alignment of those celestial bodies, and NASA’s “vector” logo. And every other space agency for that matter.

    1. Good connection. Thanks for listening.

  2. I followed the entire discussion hoping for data on Nibiru, as the title suggested. Not only is it scarcely mentioned, this otherwise lovely gentleman’s psychic-medium-supported thesis seems to be a very convoluted attempt at debunking what hard scientific data is already saying: that there is an incoming extra-solar body (or bodies) causing orbital perterbations within our solar system, beginning as expected with the outer planets and moving inward. The outer planets are not addressed at all in this fellow’s thesis, and he concludes with a “not to worry until the year 2500+ A.D.” calculation, so that we may all be reassured and go back to sleep, rather than continuing to watch and be ready.

    1. Appreciate you opinions. He got into Sitchin and other Astronomers data in reference to Planet X aka Nibiru quite extensively IMO.

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