Ex Vatican Translator, Mauro Biglino , Bible Hoax, Alien Manipulation of Man, Genocide, Cloning

“The Book that will forever change our ideas about the Bible” Mauro Biglino. = Special Thank you to Claudia for translating for us!

This is a roundtable with Mauro Biglino, ex translator for the Vatican and best selling author. Gerald Clark, author of Anunnaki of Nibiru and Mercury Rising. Mauro has turned the religious world upside down, with his translations of the old testament and other ancient documents.
Topics of discussion –

  • Old Testament
  • Ancient Alines
  • Genetic Manipulation
  • Cloning
  • Archons
  • Anunnaki
  • Nephilm
  • Nibiru Orbit Cycle
  • Slaves
  • Torture
  • Genocide
  • Intergalactic Sex
  • & More

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Podcast Comments

  1. The ultimate “hoax” is the Vatican and Papacy. They serve the angel of the bottomless pit, Osiris. Aka Apollyon/Abaddon/Azazel/Baal/Mithros/Sol Invictus, etc. The Vatican Altar (Baladacchino) is the representation of the Shrine of Osiris, with the throne of Osiris (so-called chair of Peter) seen within the shrine, looking through it. The obelisk and dome are the symbols of the rebirth of Osiris, exalted at the Vatican. The 8 demon-masks on the Baldacchino pillars base, represent the 7 manifestations of Azazel/Osiris as Horus, to possess a king (right eye the sun represents the entity of the angel. Left eye the moon represents the man possessed. Two entities in the same body). Nimrod was the 1st king possessed by Azazel/Osiris after the flood.
    The 7th king will arrive shortly, being the 1st beast of Revelation 13. The 2nd beast of Rev. 13, the false prophet, is NOT a man, but is the angel of the bottomless pit, in his own skin, the 8th demon mask, when he is freed from the bottomless pit/Perdition during the 5th trumpet. He has power to assume ANY form. He has power to give life unto the “image” of the beast. Why would he need to do that if the 1st beast was alive? Jesus kills the 1st beast at His coming. The 7 crowns of Osiris show this same pattern, as he wears an 8th. Rev 17 “there are 7 kings, 5 have fallen, one is (at time Rev. was written)and one is yet to come” (the first beast, who we know as the antichrist, son of perdition, man of sin). The angel that rises up out of the bottomless pit is the 8th and of the 7, and goeth into perdition. All sin was ascribed unto Azazel, in the book of Enoch. The Vatican IS the woman in travail, shown above the demon-masks, which gives birth to Horus, the possessed composite of a king (likely this Pope) and Azazel. The Papacy is The Great Whore, as has been seen by the actions of the Popes and their fornication with the kings of the earth. The Babylonian mystery religion, paganism, which the Vatican now represents. Look at how they exalt themselves. Jesus ABASED himself and commanded the same for ALL who would follow Him. NEVER been a Pope who was martyred. Martyrdom is a requirement of Apostleship. The Popes all lived deliciously, in pomp and great wealth. This is OPPOSITE of Jesus Christ and what He specifically commanded of His servants. “Call no man upon the earth Father”. “Call no man holy”. Jesus Himself would not allow such. Who is Peter that denied him 3 times to be called something Jesus would not allow Himself to be called? The Papacy and Vatican are a LIE of satan.
    “The 4 angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth” are the dragon and his angels. They are seen standing atop the Baldacchino, on their vortex SERPENTine pillars. The Vatican exalts and worships satan and not Jesus Christ. The 1st beast will sit in the temple of god, the holy place…the Vatican. And take away the “daily sacrifice” of the mass. “Jerusalem” itself is NEVER defined in connection to the arrival of the 1st beast, it is only ASSUMED that it is talking about the so-called “rebuilt” temple in Jerusalem. This will NEVER happen because it is NOT ordained of God. Not possible. Jesus IS the final sacrifice and the TEMPLE. The Vatican will be where the beast sits and proclaims himself God, not a rebuilt 3rd temple that has no purpose to God. It will happen much sooner than people comprehend. Will the great and all-seeing scholars recognize it when it comes? being that the 3rd temple has not been built when it happens? People think they are safe because the 3rd temple has not been built. It NEVER will be. It serves no purpose or validity whatsoever. The 7th king/1st beast/antichrist will arrive much sooner than you think.
    Wise up!

    1. I’d post links but Rex has Disqus clamped and doesn’t allow links to be posted but for those by an admin. Here’s a couple other things of interest on your subject:

      “Pope Pius XII US President Eisenhower Bishop McIntyre Alien Contact in 1954 Warning of upcoming arrival of a Planet”

      “An Etherian/Nordic faction of ETs met with SIV and Pope Pius XII inside the Vatican Gardens.”

    2. You can post links. Often times they show up in the spam folder, yet i will unspam them if noticed. Thanks!

      1. There’s a Disqus switch you can flip to allow direct posting of links without you having to decide on each. No need to waste your time doing that, at least for now. There are only a few Disqus users, but you will attract more, and then you can decide, but I’v’e found most to be respectful.

        I’ve also seen sites with both Disqus and Facebook comment plugins.

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