First The Mask, Then The Mark, Oldest Bible Translated in English Describes Today’s Pandemic

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The Tyndale Bible is the Oldest Translation of the New Testament into English. We look at the parallels of today described in a warning from these Ancient Scriptures that date back about 2000 years. Analysis of the Mark of the Beast, the current technologies and suppressed information that will be monitored and controlled through Mind Mapping and Thought Capturing Technologies linked to a Bio-signature interlink connected to your phone and possibly implant. The Beast Referenced is probably a Planetary if Not Galactic AI Network that will monitor, control and decide the actions of the Worlds Governments, Educations Systems, Food Harvesting and Distributing all the way down to the individual’s movements, actions and thoughts. It will also be feeding literally off of the biological matter of those plugged in, while learning and also harnessing the electronic energy of the subject. Eventually the machine will be able to 3D print people and merge with the natural order, to understand Soul and Human Consciousness better, although not fully. Then we analyze the number sequence of 666 as the number of the Mark of the 2nd Beast and the New Patent Application for a Technology that uses humans as a medium to mine crypto currencies. Just wait until i read the actual patent application and lets compare it to the situation today with limited movement, fear based media tycoons, interlinked with corporations and pharmaceutical giants. Its so nice to know though, that they love us so much and this is just a Live Action Role Playing Game, so any similarities are pure coincidence.

*This is a Live Action Role Playing Session and for Entertainment Purposes Only.

Oldest Bible Translated into English, Tyndale Bible……

Trace Bill, To Contact and Track Everyone, Even Authorize and Fund at home visits and Medical Teams to conduct the tests, for your safety of course…

Patent Application for Using Human Body Activity to Mine Crypto Currency…

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