Gigantic Planet Found Tilting Sun, CERN & Los Alamos Labs Creating Insane Electromagnetic’s

Roundtable discussion with Jay Campbell, Troy Gothard & Tony Monition .

We discuss multiple topics and offer several viewpoints in this podcast.

  1. Caltech Astronomers Discovers Huge Planet Tilting the Sun
  2. Pluto downgraded from Planet status via same Astronomer that discovers Planet 9
  3. Julian Assange Mentor “Dead at 76” Gavin MacFayden
  4. Possible infiltration of Wikileaks
  5. CERN creating Electromagnetic experiments 100,000 times greater than the Earths Electromagnetic Atmosphere
  6. Los Alamos Labs Creating Electromagnetic experiments 1.2 million times greater than the Earths Electromagnetic Atmosphere
  7. Radiation levels have nearly doubled the past 3 years
  8. Trump -vs- Hillary “Globalists -vs- Nationalists
  9. Breakdown of 6 Corporations that control over 90% of Media
  10. Wag the Dog Scenarios
  11. Several Key components discussed to break out of the Black Ecstasy Borg Like System
  12. Various key points discussed during this near two hour presentation.

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Podcast Comments

  1. Great discussion Rex! All the topics in one discussion. Loved it!

    1. Thank you, much appreciated!

  2. What if the speaker delays the election until January and Hillary stepped down due to ill health, and a new candidate comes forward (the speaker) and Trump steps aside? Just a thought.

    1. Many people think that same thing. I feel it will be business as usual.

  3. Considering W Brown’s IN THE BEGINNING
    The scenario he proposes sounds logical. The rest of the catastrophists follow behind. But it is impossible to apply to the entire universe, just as NASA’s idea that neutron flashes from across the universe arrive pin point at Earth.
    So the answer………………
    Is that the events described happened. And happened as recently as he proposes. And the expansion happened as he proposes. Our solar system experienced these events locally, not throughout the entire universe. We see the universe through the looking glass of our disturbed and expanded local cosmic gas field.
    Science has been putting these bits and pieces together for some time. Miles Mathis indicates our galactic view is not the same as the view OUTSIDE the galaxy.
    Science launched the Pioneers specifically to view the area OUTSIDE the galaxy.
    Science has struggled to explain our disturbed planetary system.
    Science looks at these neutron flashes as the energy behind overloading the galactic core which I prefer to call a plasma focus rather than a bh which falsely consumes energy.

    Clearly the system we are a part of arrived at its present location as a package lofted thru space and time from the Magellanic Galaxy. Was the plasmoid at the center overloaded with a neutron flash? Or was there something else we don’t understand?
    Science has been chasing neutrinos. Experimenting with CERN energy. Sending up satellites that record the energy from a CME being transmuted from magnetic energy to kinetic and propulsive energy.

    Whatever created the event in which the galaxy tripped thru space time we survived. Some survived so successfully they set themselves above everyone else by calling themselves gods. But like the Piano Guys song…………….No matter what you’ve been thru, here you are.

    Take heart.

    1. Thank you for the contribution.

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