Huge Object Twisting Solar System & Tilting Sun – Downgrading Pluto – Calling Planet X 9 –

The Elite Playbook – Rituals Rites and Dogmatic Sacrifice Dr Joseph Marra

Possibility of War with Russia which could pull in China, Iran and virtually every modern nation on the planet which would equal World War 3

Will we see a Fall of Government?

Financial Collapse?

Whats all this talk about Planet 9 being discovered and at the edge of our solar system?

Was Pluto downgraded from Planetary Status, so Astronomers could Call Planet X, Planet 9?

Whats with all the Wikileaks Air time and MSM coverage of Planet X?

Is it the main perpetrator of these enormous Earth Changes, volcanoes and various strange weather patterns?

Presidential Elections & Saturday night live predictive programming.

Martial Law Scenarios.

Executive Order — Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events

Options to help unplug from the lower vibrational matrix simulation programs.

All this and more is discussed with Dr Joseph Marra

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