The Illuminati Subliminal Control Grid Network – Latest Tech & How to See Thru It

We have returning guest Neil Sanders with us at Leak Project

If you goto

You can learn more about Neil and the nefarious mind control tactics used throughout the Brain Drain Media, News, Television and Radio Programming.

Author of “Your thoughts are not your own” Volume one and two

Have you ever wondered if Politicians, CEO’s and other influential speakers have the natural ability, to control peoples minds, or influence people in subtle and subliminal fashion?

Do you personally get emotionally attached to different candidates running for political office?

Then you might be influenced via subconsciously and not even know it.
Hence “Your thoughts are not your own”
Mr Sanders is from England – Nottingham – Township of Robin Hood
Most Important Thing to remember, nefarious people will use fear to manipulate your mind.
Fear can be the biggest destructive factor of what you want to do.
Worry about what you want to do first before the NWO
Find happiness before we can come together as a collective
Be nice to people and your life will be a lot easier
Don’t live in fear and you will be nicer to people
The infamous Tavistock Institute is discussed and its influence in Culture, Colleges and Corporations.
Have you ever wondered if certain articles in the news were put out, to see what type of reaction the public would produce?
Human Potential Movement offshoot of MK Ultra – Doesn’t mean its nefarious but ways to study behavior
Hippy / Flower Power Movement, Etc…
**First Gulf War Technology
S Spectrum 4 Quad Sound – Patented sub oral manipulation , messages sometimes that use music , it bleeds into the brain subconsciously this was even reported in Newsweek & British media ITV
They were putting feelings of despair into the Iraq Soldiers
These soldiers were inside bunkers that were heavily fortified and had no real reason to give up
Helicopters were sent over with Hi-Fi Speakers
This had Iraqi soldiers running in circles around the helicopters surrendering
Up until 1996 Sight and Sound inc.. Science Sound Inc.. ?
Raytheon did some testing “New Scientist Magazine” 2011 reports on prison inmates – discipline device , non violent control – revelation – LRAD and other technologies
Waco Siege, Alphabet Agency considering using technology that puts voice in peoples heads, using background noise as a disguise for messages underneath it. Sound terror tactics, Rabbits being slaughtered, Metallica and Guns N Roses blasting “Shmirnoff Patern”..?
Charleston Heston – Recorded Voice pieces, he pretended to be God , being beamed into David Kareshs Head. To come out peacefully
Extreme Emotions of all types emit a specific brain pattern. These are then recorded and can be reused against the prospect. Fear, Lust, Love, Anger, Depression , Etc… this cannot be resisted either and this is from the 60’s
Subliminal Advertising is not illegal in America
Gematria – Numbers often portrayed in the News, TV Shows and Movies #11 #23 #33 #42 #81 #93
Hypnosis – Fixed Eye State, Repetitive Behavior, Mantra, Getting your mind into a loop, giving you relaxation. Trance state, relaxation and alpha state, your critical analysis disappears because your conscious mind is distracted and your subconscious mind takes the fore front and it takes things with just logic.
Conversational Hypnosis , Double Meanings,
Darren Brown – Convinced people to confess to a crime they did not commit and this was based on Police Tactics.
Poison disguised as 100% Natural
Orange Juice is left in a vat for about a year, then flavorings and colors are added, to make it taste like orange juice.
Beaver Anal Gland Juice is classified as a Natural Flavor Additive
Group of Very Rich People at the Top Level don’t want things to change and have common goals.
Abduction Helmet can make you see Abductions and full body hallucinations Michael Pusinger Inventor?
Gun Control Conversation Second half of the show from a British Perspective –
Neil use to be apart of a Gun Club – No Handguns are allowed now in England, you can own a shotgun if you have a good reason and a license and the Criminal Element
Psychotropic Drugs and Mass Shootings connection in U.S.
Being apart of a big group makes it easier to manipulate the individual for good and or bad, because of the way it makes the individual feel with strength in numbers, etc…
British Politics and the insider club.
The Presidential Elections
Body Language and Human Lie Detector techniques.

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