Insider Exposes Elite, Outbreak, Ebola & Global Domination – Derek Broes

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Derek from Global Witness has connections in the Entertainment Industry from around the Globe. He was apart of the Production of Outbreak, a film that was released in 1995 in regards to an outbreak of Ebola. Interesting synchronicity, a couple weeks ago, there were several flights quarantined. The same day i did podcasts in reference to the quarantines, i also interviewed Derek. The interview was already scheduled and the podcasts and quarantines were random. i also talked about the film outbreak, without knowing Derek had anything to do with the Film. Only to find out later the connection. What are the odds? Grand Solar Minimum, Extreme Weather and more will also be discussed.

Emergency Maps Global Witness YT Channel… New Ebola Virus found in Bats could spread to Humans… 38,000 Pigs Killed as African Swine Fever Spreads… Outbreak Film, Ebola, Mass Pandemic…) Super Typhoon Mangkhut… Tropical Storm Trami…

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