Spirit Molecule, Machine Elves & Traveling Outside the 3-D Universe, PhD Andrew Gallimore

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Fascinating Interview with PhD, Dr Andrew Gallimore, Neurobiologist, Pharmacologist, Chemist, Now in the Field of Research in Okanawa Japan.
Is Everything Did the Ancient Communicate with Beings from outside the physical Universe? If So, How? Are People Doing it Today in Modern Times?
What is Consciousness, What is Life? What is Alive? Is there Anything Outside the Universe? If so What?
We discuss the effects of consciousness, experiences people have had with certain substances that parallel others from different times and locations on the Earth.
This is an analysis from a research standpoint and not in any way promoting taking any substance. Machine Elves, the Occupants of this Location, Teleportation into Different Dimensions, Tricksters, Teachers, Journeys of Evolution, Dr Gallimore’s Latest Work, http://www.buildingalienworlds.com/bo… “Alien Information Theory”

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