The Devils Chord, Portals, Paranormal, UFO’s, ET Abductions & Effects, Brian Allan

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Today Brian Allan a Paranormal Investigator and Author of 12 incredible books discusses the Unknown with us. He has been an experiencer almost his whole life and shares the encounters along with the research he has compiled over the past 35 years.…

Books Authored via Brian Allan
NEW: Project Phenomena: Evaluating the Paranormal, pub White Crow Books,
‘The Dark Messiah, Magick, Gnosis and Religion’ pub White Crow Books
‘Strange Skies, Strange Eyes’
‘The View From the Abyss (2nd edition) pub Hidden Mysteries
‘The Barriers of Belief’: pub Hidden Mysteries ‘Rosslyn, Between Two Worlds’ (3rd edition)
‘The Hole in The Sky’ pub Healings of Atlantis
‘The Believers’: pub Hidden Mysteries
‘The Heretics: Past and Present’ pub ‘O’ Books
‘From The Darkwood to Hollywood’ pub Healings of Atlantis
‘REVENANTS, Haunted People and Haunted Places’. pub Healings of Atlantis ISBN#
I Cast Thee Out: Poltergeists, Possession and Exorcism’ pub Healings of Atlantis ISBN#

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