God Code Deciphered – Nibiru Orbit – New Jerusalem – Revelation – 6:23


God Code Deciphered

The God Code embedded within The Holy Bible and deciphered by Jacob.

  • Revelation – The New Jerusalem is a Cube encapsulated inside a sphere with the throne of God.
  • Dragon in Bible = China / WW3
  • Timetables 6.23 jerusalem time zone
  • Nibiru Orbit 3600 yrs


  • Scotty Morgan

    Is there a link where I can purchase this book? Or encyclopedia as Rex calls it ?

    • Freempg

      Send the author an email to the address below. You will get an auto-response on how to buy the book. Basically you need to send a check to the address provided or call and order with CC over the phone:

      sionnapearl @ gmail .com

  • LeakProject

    Here’s the author’s blog:


    Instructions on how to buy the book are there, basically send an email to the address provided and you will get an auto-response back on how to go about it.:

    sionnapearl @ gmail.com

  • LeakProject

    Thank you Freempg for link and info.

  • PM

    Just wondering which which version by date he used. There was a lot of revisions from the Kings James to the current version that is now being sold. King James Version was different than the one before.