Hours Away from the End of the World, Friday the 13th, TC4 Asteroid Flyby Testing Planetary Defense


2 Days Away from the End of the World, Friday the 13th TC4 Asteroid Flyby Conflicting Data & Orbits

“2012 TC4 should be detectable at Goldstone from about Oct. 9 – 16, but not at
the moment of closest approach, when it will be too far south for Goldstone to track.
We plan to observe this object with radar at Goldstone on several dates straddling the close approach.
A preliminary schedule is available: Oct 9, 10, 11, and 14. Additional time on Oct. 12 may be added.
The solution 27 trajectory indicates that radar observations at Arecibo will be possible starting on Oct. 12
at 13:22 UT. Time at Arecibo has been requested by J. L. Margot.”

Reports show it being as close as 3400 miles and as far as 27,00 miles from the Earth.

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