Latest,2016,Nibiru,Nemesis,Planet X,Returns,Vessel of Damnation,Protecting Soul,How to See Demons


Latest 2016, Nibiru, Nemesis, Planet X, Returns, Vessel of Damnation, Protect your Soul, New Tech Sees Demons with your Phone

We have Mr Shinichi Moryiama with us again today at the Leak Project. A very knowledgeable man with roots far back in history and connections currently , second to none. After listening to this interview with Shinichi, you will feel a much deeper understanding connecting Purpose, Prophecy, Time, Space & Spirit. How one might evolve to a higher level of consciousness and spirituality.

What would you do if someone told you , you yourself are apart of prophecy… what if your name is written in the history books… Imagine how that would make you feel.
Being part of Prophecy….

During this presentation you are going to learn about the “Vessel of Damnation” a Powerful, Dark and Mysterious lens of incredible consequence. Also Mr Moryiama presents a timeline for the next ELE event that is associated with the return of Nemesis -The Trinary Star of this system and what he feels people can do to prepare spiritually.

You are going to learn of a new technology that as Shinichi says can Literally see “Marks of Cain” Demons and other malicious entities hiding in plain sight, feeding and leeching off your life source and soul.
Whether you believe what Shinichi breaks down with us here, which by the way , most of it is highly connected with the Holy Bible and prophecies written within, after listening to this podcast you will feel different.
As always the information presented is not Leak Projects opinions as we do our best to keep them to ourselves, most of the time, when applicable, nanu nanu

Heres a quick break down of the discussion and some of the key points and not all

  • Planet X, Wormwood, Nemesis, The Trinary Neutron Star of Death & Destruction
  • Now the twin of the sun is behind the sun aka nibiru or planet x originally, our Solar System was a trinary star system & The third Star is within the center of the earth.
  • The Vessel of Damnation – Its dark and prophecy creating creation.
  • How to Prevent Death from Proclaiming your soul – Technology that works with your phone
    Where Souls come from and why we are here.

You’ve heard of MPEG’s JPEG’s now the next level of technology literally out of this world abilities called ICU
ICU Application …. Helps people decipher based on technology and Christian bible scripture….
Mapping of future digital technology from a 286 computer to the Handheld World
Landscape engine software codes = Software allows analysis of the individual and landscape change is higher points of visibility, 3 Axis points connect.

Items of detection are broken down as follows

Mark of Cain
Mark of the Liar
Mark of Twisted Lips


The spirit of truth
The spirit that resides within you is between your muscles and your bones and a perfect representation of you.

3 Species fighting for control of the Earth right now in front of everyone.

  1. Hu-man
  2. Neandethral
  3. Venisiva

All look similar and there are some subtle differences, scientifically verifiable.
Wars currently waged via psychological warfare using your mind against you.
The Archon Interface, Ancient Gnostic Texts, Abrahamic Holy Bible Prophecy & Scriptures
Serpent, Eve and the Impregnation.
Space is populated with giant creatures far above and beyond what many of our minds comprehend, due to physical restraints and psychological conditioning.

These topics are discussed and many more. Enjoy the Presentation and make sure to check out Mr Shinichi Moriama at August Day YT Channel