The Biggest Threat to Humanity is Now, Catastrophic Power Failure Would Be an ELE Event

NASA Rocket Scientist, Greg Allison is Hosting a Power Grid Security Conference in Huntsville August 9th thru 12th, with many exceptional speakers at the tops of their fields. One of the Planets Greatest Threats is a power grid failure, Nuclear Reactors and virtually everything requires Electricity to run in the energy sector. What would happen if we lost power. For 24 hours, a week, a month, what about a year?
What would happen if a Solar Flare took out Communication Satellites in Space? What would happen if the over 440 nuclear reactors around the world did not have electricity to stay cool? Save the Grid, Save the Future, Power Grid Defense Summit 2018, in Huntsville Alabama. Hosted by Greg Allison, NASA Rocket Scientist and Worm Hole Generator. Also Specials for Leak Project Listeners if you would like to attend.… and enter the promotion code: LPOFF30.……

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