Qabalah – Cube of Space – Debunking Flat Earth – Ho’oponopono – Baphomet Decoded – Thoth

We have two Guests with us tonight, “Laura Lee Solomon and Judith Eggert”

Laura is the hosts Paths of the Great Adventure Weekly Radio program available revolution radio @ freedom slips radio and you can listen live from 2 -4 am Saturday eastern time

Many people have heard of the quabalah and have their own unique interpretation of this occult knowledge.

Another even more recondite and arcane praxis is Ho’oponopono

Laura and Judith will give their qabalistic affirmation of this ancient system of tradition very few have heard about.

-Cube of Space


-Tree of Life

-Tarot Keys

-Alchemy Meditation

-Interpretation of Baphomet Symbology and its misuse

The Flat Earth – Plane of the celestial equator of where the earth is in conjunction with the solar system. The Explorers at that time new very well the Earth was a Globe and Round ancient maps do show the Earth was Round.

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