They Built a Massive City Complex Underground in Antarctica, Dr Michael Salla

Dr Michael Salla

Antarctica’s Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs…

Dr Michael Salla Website

Topics discussed in this LARP “Live Action Role Play” Entertainment Purposes Podcast
The Race for Space Supremacy
Building 300 Squadrons of Spaceships for Space Dominance
Less then 180 Days, May is the Month for Disclosure
Plato, Atlantis, Antarctica, the Hub of Atlantis
Patent to Hyper City Electromagnetic Field Generator Patent
Tesla Shield to Protect Cities ,
5 Navy Patents Will Revolutionize The World & Space Travel
Space Carrier Battle Groups
Hybrid Aerospace Underwater Craft
Massive Underground Complexes Built Under Ice in Antarctica
4th Reich Built Their Spaceships in Antarctica Underground Cities
Space Pearl Harbor
Space Futures 2060 & The Mapping of 8 Different Scenarios
The Star Trek Future

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