Human Origins, ET Connections, They’ve Been Here For Thousands of Years, Paul Wallis, Echos of Eden

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Podcast Comments

  1. Paul’s desire to know who is representing us, (humans, earthlings) in this federation that is supposed to be helping us made me think immediately, about Ms. Kimberly Ann Goguen. She tells about similar incidents, very similar to the individual “Ray” interviewed three times now, by Jason Shurka. It is as if Goguen, Ray, and this federation Paul is talking about are all on the same team. I wonder if that is the case. Goguen reported a takeover of Mount Weather in an incident with some casualties. Ray described the same incident and details (FEMA guards, skeleton crew at Mt. Weather, etc.) Goguen’s work is mind blowing. She has interviewed with several people and makes regular appearances on the United News Network (UNN).

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