Ladies and gentlemen we have Shinichi Moryiama with us,

Mr Moryiama has a documented bloodline that goes back tens of thousands of years and his lineage has lived thru three previous Global Cataclysms.
Shinichi has a bleak outlook on the future of Mankind based on his research of prophecy and thinks we are living in the End days.
He also belives Nibiru could make its return with serious earth changes next year starting in September.

Mr Moryiama is a lifelong student of antiquity and is apart of a unique college, education system and non profit organization. They have created a cutting edge technology that turns your smartphone into a pair of “THEY LIVE” sunglasses. How does it do it? Shinichi breaks this down with great detail with us here on Leak Project. If you’ve heard any of our previous interviews with Shinichi, he has worked with the Vatican and traveled the world extensively to obtain knowledge and historical records.

Mr Moryiama also discusses how This cutting edge technology allows the user to literally see
The Soulless, The Mark of Cain, The Mark of the Liar, of the Curse and The mark of the inheritance.

Have you seen the Sphere within the Sphere ? There are various ones that are strategically located aounrd the world in places like the Vatican, the Twin Towers location and elsewhere. Details of its analogy are also explained.

If you would like to know more about the opportunity there is a link in the description and you can contact Mr Moriyama at the August Day Youtube Channel also.
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