70 Year Treaty with Roswell Aliens Expired in 2017, Then Came Disclosure

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-Roswell Crash, July 1947

-Disclosure via Tic-Tac UFO Footage December 2017 via New York Times

Unite Planet YouTube Channel & Paul Northridge

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Coincidence it was 70 years after? Or, is the Urban Legend of a 70 Year Treaty made with the US Military during the Time of President Eisenhower more than Urban Legend? Just a coincidence of course. Do you find it interesting that the Official Version of Disclosure is “All Aliens Are Super Friendly, Because They Are Smarter And More Advanced Than Humans” They Want Whats Best For The Planet, But They Really Don’t Care About People, So Humanity Better Be Better” Such a fluffy story in my opinion and this is a Live Action Role Play, LARP Session.

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