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The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch…

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  1. Rex, the only problem with this is, is don’t believe or trust the history Channel. Its owned by the Deepstate and a controlled show. Skin walker ranch is definitely true that’s why Bigelow bought it and blocked it off and had guards on duty. I believe the people that were on that ranch and was not scripted. Television Tell lie visionthat why it was created to tell us lies and manipulate control us. Lots of these shows are full of spells by witchcraft and its all about control. MK ultra still being used on us. I stopped watching TV shows 7 years ago and after I just stopped for no reason I learned about what they’ve done to 7s using Television and MSM and I never knew I was actually praying to the evil that controls earth. Project bluebeam is knocking on our door so learn everything you can about it. There will be good et”s arriving to help us and many will think they’re evil demons. The evil demon reptilians the evil ones are already here and been controlling us is the Garden of Eden so people research everything u can. Its real, its here and its going to be on our doorsteps soon. Don’t be fooled by false flags and project bluebeam. Its been in the CIA handbooks classified for 50 years÷

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