The Next Testament of the Bible is Being Written & A New Avatar Will Emerge

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Our reality follows constant change. The Age of Aquarius is upon us and a new Testament will emerge. So will a New Avatar, Anti-Christ & Religion.
Just as the Old Testament was written in “The Age of Taurus”
The New Testament was written “The Age of Pisces”
The Next Testament is being written “The Age of Aquarius”

Age of Taurus is the Age of the Bull
Age of Aeries is the Age of the Ram
Age of Pisces is the Age of the Fish
Age of Aquarius is the Age of Man

Great discussion with Eric from TradKat Knight, we’ve done several podcasts and they have yet to disappoint.

Eric usually does 3 interviews a day on his website, link below
This interview can be listen to in full at the following link below
TradKat Night Website

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Or you can listen to the many podcasts I’ve done with Micah Dank, Jimmy Jones, Gerald Clark and others on the subject.

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