They Were Here Before Us & Come From Inner Earth, Real Disclosure

In This (LARP) Live Action Role Playing game we compile the Data from ancient Cuneiform tablets, Statues Tens of Thousands of Years Old in India and Scriptures from around the World to present the possibility, some Species labeled as Aliens actually come from here and live within the Earth, not Outer Space. A highly evolved, physically and mentally advanced species that has lived since the dinosaurs and continued to Evolve underground and in Space, sometimes on the Surface also, they fit in great, because their Physiological makeup allows them to look like us and others, similar to how the chameleon adapts to its surroundings.

It appears they are running out of resources down there and want to conquer the Above Ground Realm, with its inhabitants which they label as Surface Rats or Surface Flies. They need to Terra-form the planets atmosphere though, to be comfortable up here and are using various Programs, which you and others pay for to achieve the results which better serves their needs. Frequencies, Genetic Manipulation & Hi Level Technologies are used together to keep the Surface Flies in Order with a limited sense of Reality. Even the way most people think, limits them to a fraction of their God-spark potential, in a Devolution process which reminds me of slugs in sludge, slithering slowly in stinky slime. Remember this is for Entertainment Purposes and a LARP.

Legend of the Anu-Naggi “The Shining Ones’ Serpent Shapeshifters…

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  1. truth is coming out. if there are fake humans or aliens they would be from below in the tunnels. the firmament isolates earth.

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