Who made us, Lucifer or God? Ancient Sumerian Tablet, Predates Bible Uncovers Humanities Creator


Is Enki, Lucifer? Ancient Sumerian Tablet Predates Bible, Discusses Enki & the Creation of Mankind
Enki & Ninmah, Oxford Translated, Ancient Sumerain, Mesopotamian Tablet

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  • David Weiser

    hey rex first time caller I really like the way Matthew puts it and brings it all around but has it occurred to any one that hermes et al. are responsible for crop circles or am i just catching up.and if that entity is, wouldn’t whatever key or code that was used to translate,/ interpret the emerald tablets be brought to bear or consulted when dealing with them. I wonder if the circles with symbols might be the same symbols found on the emerald tablets.hey im glad i stooped by your youtube iused to think you werre to fanatical but I think we gotta be these days keep up the good work