Meeting the Devil, Victim of Plum Island & Montauk Satanic Ritual Abuse, Speaks Out


Very intense interview with a former MK Ultra & Montauk Victim of Mind Control and Satanic Ritual Abuse.

“Excerpt from Jolene’s Bio”
Jolene JoJo Seebacher of Spiritual Life Journeys is a certified licensed spiritual counselor and teacher specializing in helping targeted individuals, program-project survivors, experiencers including experiences of the love bite, SRA victims, and the newly awakened.
Born with her enhanced supernatural abilities, Jolene JoJo Seebacher is also a Survivor herself of Black Ops military programming.
She worked with Sandoz pharmaceutical and military/government as a remote viewer, psychic analyst, and a spy under several missions specifically in the Gulf War.
Jolene is a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse and horrible torture and testing throughout her Young Life. She has triumphed over this and has learned how to deprogram and reprogram, also teaching people their own Supernatural development and enhancement.
Jolene JoJo Seebacher specializes in psychic self-defense for all types of targeted individuals, helping thousands world wide almost 14 years.
She also teaches and facilitates private groups teaching Energy Mastery and many more subjects on ancient history, including etymology and occult.