Mind Blowing, UFO Footage, Latest, 2016, Disclosure, ECETI Austrailia, Peter Maxwell Slattery


Mind Blowing, UFO Footage, Latest, 2016, Disclosure, ECETI Ranch Austrailia, Peter Maxwell Slattery. Author, Filmaker, Producer, Contactee, Philosopher

Notes and topics of interest from podcast

  • The Secret Space Program
  • Watch Craft breath and emirate energy, colors and shapes
  • ECETI Ranch
  • Malicious entities, Don’t mention the Reptilians
  • Paranormal Activity
  • Reptilians
  • Archons once where the Elohim
  • Reptilian Greys
  • Dracos
  • Orions
  • Sirians

Descriptions, details, pictures, video footage, BOOM Light Beings, communicating – Highly evolved entities and communication The Wise One, looks like ET form the movie Tricksters Mantis / Mantids

We are calling the shots at the top level on a overall collective Not Federation but Councils is what Peter has seen Different Councils = Council of the whole representatives of all walks of life all dimensions Everything is kept to keep people physical – To Evolve we need a different level of consciousness.