Multdimensional Beings, Star People, Gatekeepers Your Guardian Angel


Topics discussed with Maggie Rose

  • Her communications with multidimensional beings
  • Star People.
  • Reptilian Influence , is it real, how real and how is the Entertainment industry and MSM involved?
  • The power of words and thought.
  • How she does readings and what tools you can use to help protect yourself from malicious interests.
  • Optimist vs pessimist how does that change your world and reality?
  • We even get into Philosophy and thoughts of this dualistic universe that surrounds us.

Maggie Rose is a psychic medium, she is Clair sentience and clairvoyant, meaning she has deep knowing, feelings and visions. She is a natural healer, born into a long line of mystics and healers going back many generations.
She has a sensitive
approach to all her readers and offers insight, upliftment and energy in all areas
of life.

Maggie started to explore her psychic abilities in spiritual churches sitting in closed circle and doing platform work. She went on to the London College of Psychic studies and spiritual center Clearly Destiny to widen her knowledge.

She is an Angelic Reiki practitioner, Spiritual Healer and is training with The Little Butterfly School of Archturain Healing.

Maggie connects with her spirit guides and consults Angelic cards to connect with your energy. She can work with your voice, so distance is no problem as readings can take place via Skype or face to face in London.

Make sure to check out Maggies work and website at