Latest – Planet X – Debunking Footage that Looks Real – Awesome UFO Video – CERN Stalling Pole Shift

Awesome Interview with Dr Joseph Marra. He records what looks like a second sun on his phone that does not move like the other lens flares in the footage. Then he figures out a way to filter the camera even better and wait until you hear what happens. Then he shows us some amazing video footage of 3 Enormous craft above Phoenix that are visible for several minutes. We spend some time showing the audience common lens flare phenomena that looks like the Winged Destroyer or the Infamous Planet X. We discuss the effects of the Media and Mind Control, Spirituality, The Dualistic Universe and much more

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Podcast Comments

  1. I had a “spaceship” lol moving all over the place against the sky in my camera and it turned out to be a tiny drop of oil inside the lens. Looked amazingly like some ufo…. Another time I didn’t see two spaceships (real) just one and after looking at the footage it was a neon green cube landing on another spaceship that was all white…It’s obvious…”stars” out there are spaceships up there…. I’ve seen so many spaceships, I’m like totally positive….they are out there. Just heard about the cube from Alexandra video today…she said the cube one’s aren’t from the light. Still the same one showed up on other video’s in far away states and many people think it’s fake but it’s not. I’ve seen the orange one’s dancing all over and the green neon cigar one, and the neighbor’s got a blue fluorescent one on the cell phone and other ethereal looking ufo’s also last year…it’s died out except for the fake stars come and go….there’s so much made up lies in the media calling real stuff fake and fake stuff real and creeps making up stories for the public to fake them out. A good reason for disinfo on planet X, Nibiru stuff is some huge spaceship has to hover and they want people to think it’s some traveling planet, just like they want people to think every star looking light out there is a star.

  2. Very interesting post, thank you for sharing. If you have any pictures of the Craft you are referring, it would be great to see them. I am still agnostic on the subject of Nibiru, however with that said, there is much compelling evidence that might make the most skeptical a believer. Cheers

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