Top 11 Predictions for 2016 & Beyond, Hillary as President, WW3, Mark of Beast, More

Predictions for 2016 & Beyond

1.Cashless Society / Mark of the Beast Tattoo 666
2.Establishment of euthanasia centers & passing out of cyanide tablets.
3.WW3 = Flee to the mountain tops, mideast will ignite like a roman candle.
4.The Players = Mother Russia- The large red stars? Yugoslavia and Blkans about to explode.
5.Australia and New Zealand thrust onto the world stage warships and missiles.Russian Politician assassinated.
6.Florida Large Sinkholes ocean floor rises revealing buildings of Atlantis
7.Incredible event to cause exodus toward Yukon and the Northwest territories.
8.Cosmic Comet on a collision course with Earth.
9.North America hit with wave of pneumonia
10.Elixer of Life being given to humans via anunnaki. triggering all fault lines
11.Planet X No Doom – Nibiru

Internationally acclaimed psychic-to-the-stars, Anthony Carr, being called the most documented psychic in the world has been credited for predicting the tragic events of 9/11, India’s Taj Mahal-ocaust, the attack on Paris, Bin Laden and Ghadafis death and many more documented predictions.

Carr, who is widely hailed as “a modern day Nostradamus” and “The World’s Most Documented Psychic” has also received repeated accolades from the Toronto Star for his astonishing predictions

Last month We had Anthony on the Leak Project and he predicted a cataclysmic event in Astoria Oregon about a week after his prediction we received an anonomyous news source of a Natural Gas Pipleinen In Astroira next to the bridge he referred to is shutting down. It is a multi year, multi million dollar project and being shut down without reason.

Tonight we will be discussing the Top 11 Predictions for 2016 & Beyond

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