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From Triple D aka Douglas Dietrich himself = COME AND DARE TO SMOKE THE “CAT’ (see ‘NOTE’ In-Postscript of Text Below per The ‘Д’c [‘D’s’] ‘Afrika Habit’)” W(ith) THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN EITHER SIDE ‘O’ THE PACIFIC AND SEE THE SECOND PHASE OF THE LATEST LEAK PROJECT (Visit <WWW.LEAKPROJECT.COM>)-VIDEOGRAPHED DIETRICHONIC INTERVIEW (The First Installment readily E[lectronically]-[a]vailable via YouTube [established 2005]) – SO INTENSE IT’S TOO POWERFUL TO BE MADE FREELY AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC !


The Germanic Surname “Dietrich” – as Transliterated into The Ænglish – means “(The) Master Key, Skeleton Key, (a) Key That Can Open All Doors (Visit <WWW.DDDIETRICH.COM>) …”.

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In Popular Narcotic(s) Terms, The “CAT” references The QCKHAT (pronounced “KQOT [a highly Addictive Recreational Stimulant Narcotic Ab / Used for Hundreds of Years in Afrika but Illegal in America];” Derivative of The Flowering Evergreen Shrub CATHA EDULIS Native to The East-Afrikan Great Lakes Region & Southern العربية [“Ǣhl-ʿAräabīyyàh,” or “The ʿAráby”] – The Leaves and Stem of which are Masticated [Chewed] by People in many East-Afrikan Nations whilst some QCKHAT-Users also Smoke The drug, make it into Tea or sprinkle it on Food; The Active Ingredient of CATHINONE being Legal in East Afrika as well as Legal and becoming more Common in some European Regions as a Multimillion-Dollar Industry and Source for Funding الوحدوي [“Ǣhl-ʿAräabïï,” or “The ʿArábian”] Terror]).

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In Co-Öperation with The Internationally Recogniƶed Military Historian
and Intraglobal Crises Analyst 林 一平 (“Lín yĪ-Píng
[‘Дукич Димитрич’ / ‘Đûkič Đimitrič;’ or ‘Douglas Dietrich’];”
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(The “Renegade Human Weapon of Mass-Instruction”)
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