Serpent Archon Matrix – Million Year Control Grid – My Experience on the Other Side!

Serpent Archons Million Year Enslavement of Mankind thru DNA.
What if our DNA was manipulated long ago? What if those that manipulated us, control us? What if they control us from a remote location? Is this the Dark Brotherhood alliance with the Serpent Archons that reside outside of our physical spectrum? I’ve had frightening shamanic experiences that unlocked certain locations in my mind and share some of the experiences. Thoth from the Emerald Tablets, Gnostics that wrote the Nag Hammadi scriptures and Ancient Roman Secret Societies knew very well the power and influence these un seen entities have on the masses. Also the key is held to unlock the shackles and reach higher consciousness. What a journey we are on.

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Podcast Comments

  1. Remember when RA explained to us how the
    Archons were always trying to get the lion DNA because they are so magical, but they have always been able to out maneuver them? …something like that

  2. I think he is standing on a ball of yarn…

  3. Thoth said something about going to the farthest edge of the universe and a guard dog chased him all the way back to his body. He had to make his movement curved because the dog could only move in right angles and he bearly escaped from the creature.


  4. Yes, I’ve heard we have got to escape out of the Web. We can get free by looking up and squeezing out through the lay lines and beyond. I heard testimony that the technology they have ex(soul catcher) will simulate the tunnel and we think we are talking to God but they just convince us we have to go back because we didn’t complete our contract but that’s a lie.

  5. I had an experience about a year ago, and I wasn’t attempting to travel anywhere, but I did. Found myself on a stage, but didn’t know that until I was acknowledged later. There was a festival going on. The place was a huge arena with different sections branching off of it. One contained seating. Another was a huge stage area, and some sections contained rooms with walls that didn’t have ceilings or doors. A river ran through the middle of all this and decorated boats were floating by. This is just the place. What I saw, heard, and my interactions were bewildering.

    1. Prior to being transported to this place, I was watching the clouds. It was a bright night and I fell into a calm meditative state. I became aware of 2 entities around me. One standing in front of me and one standing on my right. They didn’t have solid form, but I could see their sillohettes and the colors emanating from them. The next thing I knew I was somewhere not of this earth with many different kinds of non-human entities in the crowd.

      At this point, I didn’t think they could see me. My vantage point was from one fixed location. Later on, when I found out I wasn’t invisible, I mustered up the courage to move around a little in the open space.

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