Inside the Mind of Adolf Hilter, Remote Viewing the Fuhrer

Wait until you hear what Dick Allgire Remote Viewed, connected with Adolf Hitler. Could the Fuhrer be the Antichrist talked about in revelations?

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Podcast Comments

  1. So Dick Allgire knows how to remote view, but doesn’t know anything about the pineal gland… and this guy doesn’t know what a reptilian looks like and made up a bunch of crap to try to explain away the creature that was seen when remote viewing Hitler? How do they expect their reports to be accurate if they don’t know anything about possession, the third eye… just general things? Anyway, thanks for the video. I understand their lack of knowledge does not reflect on you.

  2. Hang on… he wants some young model looking person of color to be his student and be on camera? Is Dick Allgire this type? He just said that they will pay someone who is young and looks like a model, according to him, to learn how to remote view… and that no one wants to watch someone who doesn’t look like a model? What the actual f. Has he looked at any youtube videos of channelers, psychics, those who can remote view… so a model is all fake… plastic surgery, make-up and materialistic.. ok honestly people. The person that this guy attracts has to be completely ignorant, naive, young and desperate. People, there are books, and free youtube videos on how to remote view.

  3. sounds to me like he is looking for someone that would do this project from a place of passion ; not for kicks. one that the viewing public would see as pleasing to the eye. makes good sense to me.

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