Thunderbolts of the God’s Carved this Majestic Landscspe, Canyonlands NP

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Canyonlands, National Park, Southern Utah, Outside Moab, Majestic Landscape, Top 10 Road Trips. Explore the amazing geology and history carved in stone, from the Thunderbolts of the Gods. Did a massive Planet or Planetary type body travel in-between Earth & Mars thousands of years ago? Carving the Canyonlands, Grand Canyon & Valles Marineris on Mars? Can you imagine the Size of that Lightning, Plasma Bolt? Thunderbolts of the Gods seems like a great name as reference. We explore several viewpoints of the Canyonlands all the way to the Grand View Point. Thanks for watching and be the change you want to see!…​

The EU “Electric Universe” Researchers & Safire Project have done amazing work in the field of Universal Physics.​

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