CERN, Montauk Project, Reptilian Sex Rituals, Alien Technology

Stewart Discusses his 13 years of involvement with the Montauk Project. Mr Swerdlow claims to have had multiple encounters with Extraterrestrials during his time at Montauk. He describes Three main types, the Reptilians, The Mantis Aliens and Greys. Not only that Stewart talks in detail about shapeshifters, sexual rituals that were orchestrated by the Reptilians. Descriptions of the beings, Alien Technologies, Satellite Mind control that has infiltrated the entire Western hemisphere via media, entertainment, sports, education, implants, medicines, foods, etc… Different types of programming, Monarch, Stalker, Multi Personality Disorder, Supersoldier Programming and others. Mr Swerdlow is also an expert in Hyperspace and says he can see the astral realm from all of the experiments and torture that happened to him during the Montauk Project. Also we discuss CERN and the real purpose it was created for.

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