De-Classified, EX CIA Leaks, Most ET’s are Cloned from Fallen Angels, Reptilians, Greys, Mantis

EP.2 . Darrel was traumatized after the event and describes the effects it had on him as a child. Next night he wakes up and sees Two of them. One of them was the same from the night before. He calls them “Cosmic Skinheads” and explains how they took him away from his parents onto a Craft. He describes his captors as beings with long skinny fingers, frail arms, perfectly round eyes, not the oval eyes you see in Hollywood today. Then he compares them to automobiles saying they are manufactured.
He describes 7 of them as Models that are cloned and goes into detail on each one.1Little Grey Guy Stands about 2/1/2 -3 ft tall
First level little grey about 2.5 – 3’ tall
2nd level Grey is about 4- 5’ tall called the Doctor “Does the cutting” Darrel says
3rd level looks like a Reptile
4th level looks like a 7’ Giant Mantis
5th level looks like a Tall Nordic
6th level looks like a Wookie “Bigfoot”
The 7th Level is a mystery ? ? Who is the Architect?

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