EX CIA, Leaks, Aliens, Abductions, Implants, Clones, Descriptions of Craft

Darrel Sims, EX-CIA agent, talks about how he got into the CIA aka The Company. Darrel was with the Central Intelligence Agency for 3 years and then was basically forced out because of a 1st amendment issue he disagreed with. Darrel explains the difference between a spy and an agent. Darrel gives details on his first abduction in 1952 when he was 4. Darrel remembers the entity could hear him thinking, literally and had no belly button or sexual organs, which brings Darrel to the conclusion the entity in his room was a Cloned ET. The being he saw had the wrap around black eyes, big head and typical traits most think of when imagining an alien. Darrel also explains how the Grey attempted to make him think it was a Clown by putting those thoughts in his mind.

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