UFO’s over the White House & Wormhole Technology Transportation

With Wilbur Allen, former White House Airforce One Engineer, contract photographer at National Geographic, recurring featured guest on Coast to Coast, History Channel and other prominent news sources, the Leak Project will be exploring UFO

Having his first experience with extraterrestrials at the age of five, Allen has had a life full of exposure and communication with aliens. From childhood to current day, otherworldly life forms visit him, propelling his drive towards his research and providing him with a rare insight on the material he studies.

Wilbur recants his experiences with these beings, where they came into his room and implanting something unknowns and intangible into his body, assumingly enabling them to tap into his very being. He describes them in vivid detail, mirroring that of numerous other Grey reports. Further, he depicts the communication he’s had with these beings, and delves into their true intentions.

Wilbur has documented samples, consistent with the association of extraterrestrial Earthly visitation. Here, he not only provides pictures of spacecraft, but with advanced technological advances, establishes materials that pertain to the very data that NASA presents on that beyond this planet.

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