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Did Reagan sign an executive order to keep people silent on Nibiru?

Where is Nibiru now? Can it be seen? Do the Anunnaki really live there? Will there be a pole shift? Were people in the know taken out for speaking out about Planet X?
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  • Freempg

    Obama reversed Reagan’s executive order? (What number was that executive order?) If true, Obama likely did so only to instigate chaos and declare Marshall Law. Hubble picked up Planet X to the point NASA cut it off and encrypted further transmissions.

  • Guardian

    Im considering the posiblity that I am a dummy because I cant find part 2 of Nancy. If it turns out I am….please be kind.

  • LeakProject

    Its on YT right now, will be available here on LP within the next 12 hours ad free. Cheers

  • nebi obba

    Why hav I been on YouTube all this time?