Orlando Nightclub Pulse Shooting Updates. 6-13-16

Updates on the Mass Shooting in Orlando at the Pulse Nightclub 6-12-16

ZetaTalk, Nibiru Coordinates, Whistleblowers, Assassinations, Pole Shift, Executive Orders

Did Reagan sign an executive order to keep people silent on Nibiru? Where is Nibiru now? Do the Anunnaki really live there? Will there be a pole shift?

Nibiru, Latest, Planet X News, July 30 2016, Sun Simulator Patent #’s, Real SkyNet,...

Mr Potter from the "Chris Potter" Youtube channel joins us for a discussion on Earth Changes, Nibiru, Sun Simulator Patents, Current Events and Life.

Huge Intel Leak w/ Nancy Leider – ZetaTalk – Exclusive – Nibiru – Coordinates...

This is Part 2 of the Interview with Nancy from ZetaTalk. We were disconnected several times during the conversation and it is available now

Breaking – 99.993% Chance of Giant Planet in the Solar System – Caltech –...

Breaking news and data, hot off the press. Some of the top mins concur = There is a 99.993% chance of a Giant Planetary Body in our solar system.

Top 11 Predictions for 2016 & Beyond, Hillary as President, WW3, Mark of Beast,...

Tonight we will be discussing the Top 11 Predictions for 2016 & Beyond
God Code Deciphered - Nibiru Orbit - New Jerusalem - Revelation - 6:23video

God Code Deciphered – Nibiru Orbit – New Jerusalem – Revelation – 6:23

The God Code embedded within The Holy Bible and deciphered by Jacob. Revelation - The New Jerusalem is a Cube encapsulated inside a sphere with the throne of God.

Holographic Reality Do we live in a Computer Simulation? Evidence Says Yes!

Is there such a thing as Free Will? What is Simulated Reality? Does God see things as Good and Evil? What is the purpose of Life?

Confirmed – Nibiru, Planet X, Red Kachina Latest 2016 May, Photos & SOHO Images...

Latest Updates and Dozens of Images of Nibiru, Planet X, Wormwood, The Red Kachina & It's Moons with Bob.

Planet X Visible Now May 2016 – Multiple Sources/Photos Nibiru, Wormwood & Binary Star...

These are the latest photos sent from multiple sources around the globe. Could this be Nibiru or Planet X or the Red kachina?