Andrew Kreig,Washington D.C. Insider,Legal Reformer,Public Affairs, Justice Project

Topics Discussed

  • Presidential Puppetry
  • Obama
  • Romney & their Masters
  • Who are the people that influence politicians at the top levels?
  • What really happens in D.C. behind closed doors?
  • Who has the best chance of winning the Presidential elections?
  • Hundreds of front companies for alphabet organizations abound
  • False Flags and Wag the Dog, scenarios in the MSM
  • Public Reform
  • Politics
  • Current Events

and more is discussed with Mr Kreig. Check out the for more information.

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Podcast Comments

  1. Kreig honestly thinks that the Fox News boogie man Roget Ailes and Fox only reporting about 20 minutes on his sex scandal is the most glaring corruption which interests him about today’s media?

    No mention of the utterly corrupt leftist control of 90% of the rest of the media who, for instance, spiked Bill Clinton’s philandering with a 20 yr old intern in the Oval Office — Matt Drudge broke that, while Newsweek spiked it.

    And now they’re falling all over themselves to lick Hillary’s jackboots, and let her slide on crimes which rise to the level of treason, let alone breath-talking corruption. And how about Dan Rather trying to influence presidential elections by utterly inventing stories? The list is endless and ongoing.

    Regarding Hillary’s health, you mention it’s propaganda? How about Dr Drew Pinsky’s comments. Is he a right wing propogandist? Sounds like he, as a physician, is generally concerned about her health, her medical care, her prescriptions, for instance, he lables as 1950’s treatments. With regards to the media “reporting” on the story? Google this:

    BREAKING: Web Page of Dr. Drew Interview on Hillary Clinton Health Concerns Taken Down by KABC

    Now there’s media corruption.

    1. It seems as if we live an a form of the Twilight Zone.

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