Breathtaking UAP’s & Bizarre Military Activity in Marina Del Ray Yesterday, Dr Shiepe

Custodian File, Best UFO UAP Footage Ever Recorded / @custodianfile
Absolutely Breakthrough Footage of UAP’s Swarming Military Craft, Airplanes, Paraglider’s Above 150 Feet. They Even Follow The Presidential Formations with Ospreys & Blackhawks. Since 2017 there has been heavy presence of Military, Research Vessels, Even Submarines off the Coast of Marina Del Ray. Dr Robert Shiepe has been filming activity outside of his house off his deck with High Definition Cameras, Radar Detectors & Custom Made Light Boxes to get the best footage. He also has created a technique for capturing these UAP’s which he calls “Dragons” because they kind of look like Dragon Flys and are estimated to be about 10″ in length when they are on the move. The technique he uses is called “Interpolation” where he captures the Craft fly across the screen at extremely fast speeds and can place the UAP frame by frame on the Photo to see how fast and where it is actually traveling.

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