Electric Universe, Project Thunderbolt. Is Saturn Nibiru? Holoscience

Very thought provoking interview with Mr Thornhill

According to Mr Thornhill , much of the Solar System we live in today was formed by a Binary Star aka brown dwarf. Was Saturn that Star?

Topics Discussed:

  • Electric winds on electric worlds in an electric universe
  • Hopi Prophecy, Red & Blue Kachina, Saturn? Planetary Gods?
  • Could the translation of Nibiru be a reflection of what happened in the Past or Saturn?
  • How old is the Universe?
  • Is Space Travel easier or more difficult in an Electric Universe?
  • Shooting stars / Black holes / Interplanetary discharges.
  • The Missing Ceres Craters.
  • What are Stars in the EU?
  • What is Gravity?
  • How does Time Travel fit into this theory?
  • Quantum Physics vs EU.
  • Life after Physical Death?
  • Science & Global Warming.
  • Newtons Electric Clockwork Solar System.
  • How was the Grand Canyon made?
  • Present view of the Sky not the Key to the Past.
  • Cosmic Symbols of ancient Sky anomalies.
  • Greek Pantheon, Myths, Sumerian Translations.
  • Is Gravity faster than light and if so how much?
  • What is time?

Make sure to check out his website at http://www.thunderbolts.info and http://www.holoscience.com
Also check out their youtube channel @ Thunderbolts project

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Podcast Comments

  1. Did a marathon on the Electric Universe a month or so ago (watched most everything at Thunderbolts dot info), Thornhill articulates the common-sense science, David Tallbot demonstrates ancient civilizations may have been trying to capture and preserve for us what happened in their skies (see: “Symbols of an Alien Sky,”). Also check out, if you like or even don’t like math, how Stephen Crothers eviscerates General Relativity and Black holes, and keeps the math simple.

    Incredible to be living in a time when a century-old belief system is being supplanted like the vestige of an oppressive religion.

    Rex, next time through ask Thornhill about his work entitled, “Thoth Vol 1.” I haven’t been able to find it online but have seen it referenced, as a screenshot by one of Thornhill’s contemporaries, Dr Don Scott, who used it in his (Scott’s) video entitled, “The Electric Sun” at the 30:50 mark.

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